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Frequently Asked Questiuons

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I be able to complete my resume in the three-hour training session?

You will have an effective Working Format, sample of at least one Professional Success Statement, Know today’s Do’s and Don’ts in Resume Writing and know how to gain the attention of your reader. The average resume takes 20-30 hours to write and should always be an evolving document.

I have done so many things in the past and I feel like there is too much information on my resume.

People who are receiving more activity in their search have more than one resume prepared for specific positions and tailor their resumes often.

What should I expect from the Resumé class?

You will have an effective format, understand what information should and should not be in your resume and most important, how to present your successes.

Black Hole of Job Boards and Internet.
Find out about a healthy and effective balance of using the job boards and internet searches. There are tricks to save time and avoid frustration.
How do I write an Objective?

Start your Objective by not writing it! An Objective is a moving target so we have better solutions on how to effectively start your resume.

Will taking these courses guarantee I get a job?
Using these tools will help to get you noticed. After that, it is all about, implementing, timing and you.
Networking, why?
80% of people find their positions through their networks. Due to technology and our fast moving society, networking has become much more complicated than simply working with your immediate professional and social circle. There are new and changing techniques to networking.


Hire Impression: Put Your Best Foot Forward On The Path To Your Career Transition.

Education is Power

As an experienced HR professional, I found the information covered in this workshop (course?) to be extremely valuable, especially in today's competitive market. I review dozens of resumes daily and I truly believe that anyone participating in this course, regardless of experience level or profession, will gain valuable insight and tips to improving the quality of their resume and increasing their marketability. Not to mention, Gina is an excellent facilitator who is clearly an expert in her field.

- Cindy T., Phoenix, AZ

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